Hello there!

Welcome to my site, touch-stillness.com. I am a body therapist and in my sessions, I aspire to offer you conscious touch to facilitate a space of silence,  peace and stillness in you. I practise ten different modalities and even though each modality is very different from the other, there is one common thread that runs through all my sessions, irrespective of which type of bodywork it may be.

In every session, my approach is that of consciousness and through my touch, i invite you to step through that sacred door of your body, to arrive at the shrine of your inner silence, that still place inside you. This place of stillness is where healing is at its best. In other words, stillness is a space and place of highly potent healing. Anytime we access this space/place, we experience deep rest, restoration and relaxation. Here we are refreshed, replenished and we return to our source.

Beware, each session will take you on a journey through a new and unexplored landscape, whether this is your first time or not. The ultimate goal of our journey together is wholistic healing, no matter which avenue we take.

I could say a lot about ‘the wholistic approach’, ‘stillness’, ‘healing‘ etc.  But i will let you come and experience it. One thing i do want to say is that I am convinced that my inner space directly affects the space of my client, therefore when i touch a client - no matter what type of modality I may be practising - i touch from a space of silence, depth, ease. The common thread to all the body work modalities that i practise is my inner attitude of silence and meditation. That way ‘your’ silence and ‘my’ silence create one big silence where we both are healed.

Welcome to                                                                my website.